We're Networking Travel

Open Travel Exchange is a travel tech company solving the hard problem of networking the highly fragmented travel industry.

Why we’re doing it

The fragmented nature of the market means huge market inefficiencies and poor communication, resulting in disappointing experiences, unrealized opportunities and major challenges, particularly for the little guys. It’s a great opportunity to provide value to the hard working independents in the travel market.

How we’re doing it

First, we understand small travel businesses—from hostels to hotels, from tours to shuttles. We understand their needs, how they work with local partners and what keeps them up at night. Armed with that knowledge, add a user experience that employees love, mix in some network theory, and we’ve created a formula that is fundamentally changing distribution and communication in the travel industry.

We started with Hostelhops

Hostelhops.com is the world's first hostel-to-hostel real-time distribution and booking network. With Hostelhops, hostels reduce their distribution costs by booking their backpacking guest’s next hostel, keeping the commissions within the hostel community. Our experience with Hostelhops gave us valuable insight in what works (and what doesn’t work!) in a cooperative distribution network of mostly independently owned and operated accommodation providers.

Now there's WhenWhereGo!

We've taken what we learned from from Hostelhops and created WhenWhereGo!, a local distribution system that travelers will recognize and trust. The WhenWhereGo! dashboard makes it easy for employees to work with and communicate with local tourism partners. With When Where Go!, we're facilitating distribution on a local level, while maintaining the global standards that modern travelers expect.