Book Your Guest’s Next Hostel

Open Travel Exchange is the booking solution for the hostel community. Your guests should be booking their next hostel through YOUR booking system, not through one of the online agencies.



The first thing your guests see after accessing the Internet is your branded hostel reservation site. They are your guests; don't let them book with one of the giant online agencies. Keep the commissions within the hostel community.



Booking the next hostel is easy and intuitive for your guests. And if they need any help or a recommendation, one of your friendly hostel employees is always there to help, a much better experience for both your guests and you!


Pay deposit at reception

Here's the good part. Once the booking is made, your guest pays YOU the 10% booking deposit to confirm it. Simply accept the payment and confirm the booking in your backend management account.

Easy and Profitable

Your guests know and like you, so why let them pay somebody else (Hostelworld) a 10% booking fee when they can pay you to book it for them? They'd prefer to do that anyway, and with
Open Travel Exchange, you have the tools to do it.

Easily update availability

Updating availability is easy and familiar. Or if you use a channel manager for automatic updates, we can make that happen, too.

Manage user accounts

There are three levels of user accounts: administrator, manager, and employee, and they all have different permission levels according to their allowed activities.

Work with channel managers

We've made it easy for your channel manager to update your hostel's availability. Just have your channel mager contact us and we'll take it from there.

Comprehensive reports

Understand your booking system better by seeing who, what, and from where you're receiving new reservations, and where your guests are booking next.

Invite other hostels

Work together. Grow together. The more hostels you have to offer, the more likely your guests will book with you and not stray to other booking sites.

Coming soon

Transportation. Tours. Activities. And much, much more!